36 meters long? 200 tons heavy? – Not a problem!



Our sophisticated and top-quality machinery allows us to cover a broad spectrum of machining applications. We even manufacture components with a unit weight of up to 200 tons with maximum precision and top quality.

We use CNC-controlled production machines that provide maximum accuracy and reproducibility. Parts up to 36 meters in length pose no problem. Our vertical turning machines enable a diameter of up to 6,500 mm. And, needless to say, a unit weight of 200 tons.

Our own maintenance department ensures that our plants are serviced on a regular basis. This means you can rely on a precise and reliable production without any ifs and buts.


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All machines are only operated by employees with professional qualifications and many years of professional experience and are regularly serviced by our own maintenance department.

The following overview outlines our current production options.


  X Y Z W Control Rotary table
SCHIESS 600 BORING MILL 13,000 5,000 1,250 1,250 Siemens 840D 2000 x 3000 / 40 t
SCHIESS 610 BORING MILL 25,000 5,000 1,250 1,250 Siemens 840D 3900 x 5600 / 140 t
TOS BORING MILL 3,500 2,500 800   Siemens 840D 1800 x 2200 / 12 t
WOTAN RAPID 4 BORING MILL 13,000 3,000 700 500 Siemens 840D 2000 x 3000 / 45 t
WALDRICH MILLING MACHINE 11,000 1,600 2,750   Conventional  
SCHIESS DEFRIES MILLING MACHINE 16,000 1,600 4,050   Siemens 840D  
TIBO DEEP HOLE DRILLING MACHINE 2 x 6,000 300 6,000   Mitsubishi 65 t


  Diameter Height Ram Control Rotary table
VERTICAL TURNING MACHINE SCHIESS VM6 7,000 3,500 2,000 with turning tools Siemens 840D 120-180 t
VERTICAL TURNING MACHINE SCHIESS 4K600 6,600 3,000 1,700 with 2 supports Siemens 840D 60 t


Mechanische Bearbeitung
Mechanische Bearbeitung
Mechanische Bearbeitung
Mechanische Bearbeitung
Mechanische Bearbeitung
Mechanische Bearbeitung
Mechanische Bearbeitung
Up to 200t
individual unit weight
production area
Up to 36m
of machining
Since 1969
top quality
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