heavy duty units of 240 t single wheight

World´s largest roll forming machine


A very special challenge for our specialists from production and especially logistics was the recently delivered order for the production of the main components for a pipe welding system.

In the future, this system will produce pipes with a diameter of more than 700 mm and a wall thickness of up to 25 mm in the USA. Here, the pre-material is uncoiled from the coil and formed into high quality pipe using massive forming stands.

The special thing about it: We pre-assembled the plant as ready-to-install modules and subjected them to a cold test. This meant that all important functions had already been tested on delivery. In the end, unit weights of up to 240 t had to be moved. A special task for us. Thanks to the technical possibilities at our location, however, we were able to master this challenge in a shortened production time.

The large components were manufactured entirely in our production facility. All the necessary ancillary trades such as electrics, hydraulics and media supply could also be installed in the factory of DILEB Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG in Lebach by our specialists.

The challenging logistics were the final part of the project. Five oversized heavy transports with individual lengths of over 50 m and weights of up to 400 t carried the components to the port for transhipment. Thanks to a special heavy load route between our factory and the port in Dillingen/Saar, the transport was completed in the shortest possible time. From the Saar port, the modules then went to Antwerp and from there to the USA.

Thanks to our great team, the manufactured modules by DILEB will become part of one of the largest pipe production lines on the planet.

Up to 200t
individual unit weight
production area
Up to 36m
of machining
Since 1969
top quality
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